Eccentric composer and songwriter Ædan McEvoy writes music that has been

described as "quirky," "whimsical," "other-worldly," and "honest". A listener of all

music, Ædan is influenced and inspired by classical, rock, folk, indie, new age,

world, jazz, and trance music. Her unique interpretations make her a sought-after

composer, songwriter, and collaborator. 


Ædan is a pianist, harpist, and singer/songwriter of her original music and performs

throughout New York City and New Jersey.


Driven to spread music everywhere, Ædan also has her own lesson studio in

New Jersey. She teaches in the Morris, Essex, Sussex, Union, and Bergen counties. She

                                          also maintains her own engraving/transcribing expertise, working with many talented,

                                          local musicians. 


Ædan has her BM in Music Theory & Composition from the John J. Cali School

of Music at Montclair State University. She is a member of the New York Songwriters

Circle, American Harp Society, as well as the International Society of Folk Harpers

and Craftsmen.